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  • What’s the typical weight for a CSA chicken?
    We aim for a 4 - 4.5 lb average on our CSA birds over the season. Some variation is typical from week to week as seasonal conditions change.
  • What if I can’t pick up my share because of work/travel/other?
    If you have trouble with a pick-up date, let us know ahead of time and we’ll gladly work with you to reschedule. Due to the nature of our product, any share left behind from a no-show cannot be rescheduled.
  • Do CSA members get any other perks during the season?
    Yes! As a thank you for your support, CSA members get 5% any full-price Riverbird Farm products throughout the season.
  • Which share size is right for me?
    Ah, this one you’ll have to answer yourself… Every share has its perks! Half Share - Every Other Week Can be a good option for people brand new to CSAs or for households with fewer meat-eaters Whole Share - One Chicken/Week Great for a range of household sizes and eating preferences Ideal for members wanting weekly birds with few or no left-overs to freeze
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